Stewardship Directory

Terms of use

Land Stewardship Centre (LSC) is pleased to make the online Stewardship Directory available to support the efforts of the stewardship community. The following outlines the terms of use of the Stewardship Directory. By using the Stewardship Directory (either to search the directory or to provide a directory listing), users agree to these terms of use.

The listings in this directory are provided for the purpose of identifying and enabling communication with and between organizations, companies and agencies in the stewardship community. Contributors users (users who have registered an account and submitted a directory listing) agree to provide true and accurate information. Anyone accessing this directory must follow generally accepted rules of conduct by users and contributors of the Internet.

Persons violating these terms of use may be denied access to this directory and/or may have their directory listing blocked without notice. Examples of inappropriate use of directory information include unsolicited commercial communications, distributing junk mail (spam) or lobbying. Using the information contained in this directory for these or similar activities is not permitted. Users should also take note of the copyright and disclaimer notices associated with this directory and the LSC website.

LSC reserves the right to, at any time, remove any directory listing for any reason and change the terms of use without notice.

LSC moderates and reviews all listing requests before they are added to the directory. Information contained within the directory has been provided by the organizations, companies and agencies which have requested a directory listing. LSC is not responsible for the accuracy of the content within the directory listings. LSC, its Board of Directors and employees shall not bear any responsibility for any losses or damages of any kind arising from use of or in respect to any absence, error or omission of data contained within the Stewardship Directory.