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Agri-Environmental Partnership of Alberta

The Agri-Environmental Partnership of Alberta (AEPA) is is a diverse multi-stakeholder partnership of the agriculture industry, government, and an environmental non-government organization, working together to proactively address agri-environmental issues from a policy perspective. Mission: To engage and build knowledge of partner organizations which enable the AEPA to provide credible, proactive, and respected input to agri-environmental policy development processes. Vision: Agri-environmental policies are balanced, support sustainable industry growth, and increase social acceptance.

Focus: agriculture

206, J.G. O'Donoghue Building
7000 - 113 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T6H 5T6


Agroforestry & Woodlot Extension Society

AWES addresses the interaction of agroforestry and forested lands management (woodlot) in agricultural areas across the province of Alberta. In aiming for sustainability, it is recognized that trees cover a significant portion of the agricultural landscape. AWES society members are united in their belief that sustainable management of more than 3.6 million hectages of privately-owned forestland in Alberta's agricultural areas will continue to yield important social, economic and environmental benefits (enhanced wildlife habitat, soil conservation, preservation of water quantity and quality, recreational opportunities, and a wide range of forest products/services based on sustainable forest management).

Focus: On privately held land across the province of Alberta

17507 Fort Road
Edmonton, Alberta T5Y 6H3



Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities

The ACSRC is a joint-initiative between the Augustana Campus and ALES Faculty for the University of Alberta. The mission of the ACSRC is to link the research, outreach and educational capacity of the University of Alberta with students, researchers, rural communities, rural community organizations and policy makers at multiple levels across the province, nationally, and internationally in order to support the improved sustainability of rural communities and populations.

Focus: Water, Demographic Change, Sustainability Plans, Rural Communities, Alberta

University of Alberta Augustana Campus
4901-46 Avenue
Camrose, Alberta T4V 2R3



Alberta Ecotrust Foundation

Alberta Ecotrust Foundation is something of an art form. Conceived in 1991, Alberta Ecotrust is a unique partnership between 34 organizations from the corporate sector and the environmental community. Together, we invest in the people and projects that help to make Alberta a stronger, more sustainable place to live, work and play. We achieve this goal through three main programs: environmental grant making, capacity building, and community collaboration. Together, we fund non-profit environmental projects, strengthen the ability of the voluntary sector to affect positive environmental change, and promote the environment as the foundation of a healthy community.

Focus: watershed stewardship support; funding; training for non-profits; collaboration

Suite 250, 305 10 Avenue SE
Calgary, Alberta T2G 0W2


Alberta Environmental Network

The Alberta Environmental Network (AEN) connects Albertans and environmental groups that are dedicated to preserving and protecting Alberta's environment. As a non-profit and non-partisan organization, the AEN supports collaboration of the environmental community throughout the province. We connect individuals, groups and organizations that are working toward a common purpose to share information and resources. We facilitate dialogue between environmental groups, government and other stakeholders. To build the capacity of environmental groups, we provide training and support. We encourage fair process in governance and decision-making in local and provincial governments.

Focus: Agriculture, clean air, waste, water, cumulative effects, methane, tailings, aggregate

PO Box 4541
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 5G4


Alberta Invasive Species Council

Prevention inspired; Alberta protected

The Alberta Invasive Species Council (AISC) is a non-profit society that was established to protect Alberta from the harmful impacts of invasive species. Invasive species are detrimental to our environment and economy; they are known as the second greatest threat to biodiversity, after habitat loss and are estimated to cost Albertans $2 billion each year. Since 2006, the AISC has been the only organization dedicated entirely to informing Albertans about these impacts and empowering everyone to take action to prevent the introduction and spread of invasive species through various campaigns and outreach efforts.

Focus: Invasive Species, Conservation, Environment

Services: Outreach and education, Project management, Other

Alberta Invasive Species Council image

PO Box 1925
Blairmore, Alberta T0K 0E0


Alberta Lake Management Society

ALMS was founded in 1991 and became the first Canadian chapter of the North American Lake Management Society. We work to build understanding and awareness among Albertans for responsible management of lakes, reservoirs and watersheds through programs and information sharing. ALMS and its members are active across Alberta in providing support to individuals, local communities, governments and industry that are interested in lake and watershed management. ALMS is also widely recognized through its two community-based lake water quality sampling programs called Lakewatch and Alberta Water Quality Awareness (AWQA).

Focus: lakes; watersheds; water quality; monitoring

PO Box 4283
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 4T3



Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society, Cows and Fish

The Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society, also known as "Cows and Fish", is a non-profit society striving to foster a better understanding of how improvements in grazing and other management of riparian areas can enhance landscape health and productivity, for the benefit of landowners, agricultural producers, communities and others who use and value riparian areas.

Focus: Alberta

2nd Floor, Avail Building
530-8th St South
Lethbridge, Alberta T1J 2J8



Alberta Tomorrow

The Alberta Tomorrow Foundation is committed to educating Albertans in sustainable land-use planning through land-use simulation modeling. This educational tool is an interactive web-based computer simulation that uses cutting edge GIS technology and research from Alberta scientists to teach the longterm effects of natural resource management on ecological and economic values in Alberta. The simulation allows users to design their own strategy for resource development and ecological protection. Field data from around the province, including water quality data and land-use observations can be stored in the simulator. Take the challenge. Develop a sustainable land-use plan for Alberta!

Focus: Land-use Planning, Cumulative Effects, Resource Production, Ecosystem Services, Environmental Indicators, Water Quality, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Wildlife habitat,

40 Riverview Circle
Cochrane, Alberta T4C 1K3


Alberta Wilderness Association

AWA is an Alberta-based conservation group with over 7,500 members and supporters in Canada and around the world. Founded in 1965, AWA seeks the completion of a protected areas network and good stewardship of Alberta’s public lands, waters, and biodiversity for all Canadians.

Focus: Conservation throughout Alberta

Services: Outreach and education, Planning, Project management, Program development and delivery, Research and monitoring

Alberta Wilderness Association image

455 12 St NW
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1Y9


ALUS Canada

The ALUS program works with farmers and ranchers to produce ecological services, including clean air, clean water, flood mitigation, climate adaptation, carbon sequestration, species at risk habitat and support for our native bees and pollinators. ALUS helps farmers and ranchers restore wetlands, reforest, plant windbreaks, install riparian buffers, manage sustainable drainage systems, create pollinator habitat and establish other ecologically beneficial projects on their properties. What's more, ALUS provides annual payments to ensure the ongoing stewardship of each ALUS project. In this way, ALUS turns marginal farmland into healthy ecosystems, linking Canada's natural heritage across agricultural lands.

Focus: watersheds, wetlands, water, riparian, air, grasslands, uplands, trees, agriculture, farmland, pollinators, wildlife, biodiversity, ecosystems

555-2938 Dundas St. W.
Toronto, Ontario M6P 4E7


Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area

The Ann & Sandy Cross Conservation Area (ASCCA) is a 4800 acre day-use natural area that was donated for habitat conservation in 1987 by Ann and Sandy Cross. Our mission is to foster conservation of habitat for native species of wildlife. We achieve this mission by providing space for wildlife, offering conservation education programs and supporting community conservation initiatives. The area is open daily for hiking by registration 4:00 am - 11:00 pm. Large groups are required to book in advance on our website. No dogs, skiing, camping, or hunting allowed. The ASCCA is a registered charity and habitat development area under the Alberta Wildlife Act.

Focus: conservation water source watershed environmental protection natural area

20-194001 160 Street West
Foothills, Alberta T1S 4K9


Antler Lake Stewardship Committee

The Antler Lake Stewardship Committee is comprised of residents living in and around Antler Lake. The Committee's focus is on maintaining the health and sustainability of Antler Lake and the Antler Lake watershed.

Focus: watershed, lake

66 52343 RR211
Sherwood Park, Alberta T8G 1A6


Aquality Environmental Consulting Ltd.

Aquality Environmental Consulting Ltd. is an Alberta-based company specializing in the area of wetland assessments, wetland restoration, riparian restoration and management, freshwater ecology including surface water quality testing, limnology, water resource management, fisheries management and watershed management planning. We also are involved with regulatory work (Provincial and Federal), fish habitat assessments, construction monitoring, land use planning, policy development, stormwater management and research and education. Our core client base includes industry, municipalities, non-profit organizations and government agencies. Lake Associations and environmental groups, to bring the aquatic or regulatory perspective a project.

Focus: Watersheds, wetlands, water, lakes, lake management

Suite 204, 7205 Roper Road
Edmonton, Alberta T6B 3J4



Athabasca Watershed Council

We are a Watershed Planning and Advisory Council (WPAC) working in partnership with the Government of Alberta, stakeholders, and Indigenous peoples to achieve the three goals of the Water for Life strategy. We work to build relationships, share information, and inform the planning and policy decisions that affect the Athabasca River watershed. Our vision is that the Athabasca River watershed is ecologically healthy, socially responsible, and economically sustainable.

Focus: watersheds, drinking water, aquatic ecosystems, sustainable economy

5101 50 Ave
PO Box 1058
Athabasca, Alberta T9S 2A8


Baah'd Plant Management & Reclamation

Organic weed control and habitat restoration with goats targeted browsing

We provide targeted browsing services to preservation and conservation societies and municipalities. We restore soil and address the root cause of weeds while managing their seed bank and spread, this creates a more suitable habitat for native plants. We utilize natural succession to facilitate competition with native plants, deepen root growth and sequester carbon and on a whole strengthen the resiliance of the landscape. We never "farm" or graze a site for profit, its always with careful intention to restore habitat.

Focus: Environmental Consulting

Services: Consulting, Outreach and education, Planning, Project management, Program development and delivery, Research and monitoring

Po box 7 Site 3 RR1
WINFIELD, Alberta T0J1X0


Beaufort Watershed Stewards

Every drop counts!

The Beaufort Watershed Stewards work to promote the health and resilience of local watersheds in the Beaufort Range and to ensure the quality and quantity of fresh water for the future.

Focus: Water

Services: Outreach and education, Research and monitoring

Beaufort Watershed Stewards image

P.O. Box 253
Union Bay, British Columbia V0R 3B0


Beaver Hills Biosphere

People and nature in harmony.

Located just east of Edmonton, Alberta, the Beaver Hills was designated as a biosphere on March 19, 2016 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Focus: Beaver Hills, biosphere

Beaver Hills Biosphere image

17503 45 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T6M 2N3



Big Lake Environment Support Society

Big Lake, a relatively little known jewel of the capital region, abuts the northwest corner of Edmonton and the southwest corner of St. Albert. Parkland County borders the lake on the south and Sturgeon County on the north. The lake sits on the sands and gravels of the Empress Formation, an aquifer 30 meters below its surface that was laid down by retreating glacial melt-waters. Big Lake is part of the 260 km long Sturgeon River that begins at Hoople Lake and flows east to the North Saskatchewan River. Atim Creek flows into Big Lake from the west and Carrot Creek from the north.

Focus: stewardship, outreach, education

PO Box 65053
St. Albert, Alberta T8N 5Y3


Blue Green Planet Project

The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The next best time is now.

We plant trees in areas that would not be planted otherwise. Choosing vulnerable rural and first nations communities that are most affected by climate change. We do this for the health of the forests, to educate and employ surrounding communities and for our our collective future. Our goal is to involve as many communities as possible in their own land conservation and to provide a positive, tangible tool to those most affected by climate change. By planting trees in these areas we are looking to speed up the natural regeneration process, draw carbon from the atmosphere, and build climate resilient forests. Our trees are planted to the highest quality, and all of our projects are verified and reported on by a third party at the end of each year.

Focus: Reforestation

Services: Funding, Outreach and education, Planning, Project management, Program development and delivery

Blue Green Planet Project image

3454 Victoria Drive
Smithers, British Columbia V0J 2N0


Calgary River Valleys

Calgary River Valleys (CRV) is a strong and effective voice for Calgary's most valued natural resource, its river valleys. CRV relies on a volunteer board and community representatives to engage the public in the recognition, protection and appreciation of our river valleys and other watershed features. CRV brings together Calgary residents, community associations, Council members and staff from all levels of government to ensure the long-term health of Calgary's water resources. Whether thinking about the quality of our drinking water or the ability to picnic by a pristine river, these issues matter to Calgarians.

Focus: urban, rivers, riparian, biodiversity, water quality, fishing, safety

PO Box 2100, Stn M, #64
Calgary, Alberta T2P 2M5



Canadian Water Resources Association

CWRA is recognized for its capacity to facilitate discussion among water users and water resource professionals. Members want to share their knowledge and learn more about water management in Canada. The perspective can be from the private and public sectors in hydrology, irrigation and drainage, biology to climate change and education. CWRA also has an active Student and Young Professionals section and is developing the opportunity to engage Skilled Newcomers. CWRA activities are delivered through branch organizations in most provinces and members are present throughout Canada and beyond.

Focus: water; wateresheds; water management; education; sustainability; water education for teachers

4411 Dalgetty Hill NW
Calgary, Alberta T3A 1J6


Castle-Crown Wilderness Coalition Society

A world in which wilderness survives so that wild lands and wildlife may thrive, and future generations can know their natural beauty and diversity.

Castle-Crown Wilderness Coalition was established in 1989 to protect the Castle Wilderness, a spectacular region of mountains and foothills in southwestern Alberta. Our mission is to preserve and protect the Castle Wilderness so that all may enjoy it's beauty.

Focus: Stewardship and advocacy for the Castle Provincial and Wildland Parks

Services: Outreach and education, Other

PO Box 2621
Pincher Creek, Alberta T0K1W0


Central Algoma Freshwater Coalition

Central Algoma Freshwater Coalition (CAFC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the protection, improvement and restoration of the watersheds throughout the Central Algoma region in Ontario. The organization is dedicated to providing tools to enable the general public to become good stewards of our natural resources for the benefit of current and future generations. CAFC has raised awareness on the importance of preserving water quality, created numerous partnerships, and led and managed volunteer projects aimed at mitigating nutrient loading in inland lakes.

Focus: watersheds, lakes, nutrient loading, water quality, stewardship

PO Box 88
Bruce Mines, Ontario P0R 1C0



Clear Water Landcare

The vision of Landcare is a community enjoying and actively supporting healthy, sustainable water and land use practices. We bring education and awareness, through workshops, programs and projects, to farm and non-farm landowners interested in learning more about the land and water stewardship.

Focus: North Saskatchewan and Red Deer River watersheds

PO Box 550
4340 - 47 Avenue
Rocky Mountain House, Alberta T4T 1A4


Clearwater County

Clearwater County's Landcare sub-department is the environmental arm of the Agriculture and Community Services department. We educate the public, provide different types of funding, encourage environmental stewardship practices, and are a part of different environmental groups. Alongside our colleagues, staff at Clearwater County aim to educate the public and provide services that lesson the environmental impact on land as well as benefit the producer.

Focus: Environmental Stewardship, Watershed Protection

Services: Other

Box 550 4340 47th Avenue
Rocky Mountain House, Alberta T4T 1A4


Clifford E Lee Nature Sanctuary

Located 33 km southwest of Edmonton's city centre, the Clifford E. Lee Nature Sanctuary protects 348 acres of marshland, open meadow, aspen parkland and pine forest. The varied habitats of the Sanctuary attract a diversity of animals, including more than one hundred bird species, and provide excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing. The boardwalk and connected upland trails are easily navigated by all skill levels and wheelchair access is available.

Focus: conservation; preservation; schools; nature; wetlands; water; awareness; education; wildlife

51306 Range Road 264
Spruce Grove, Alberta T7Y 1E7


Community Based Environmental Monitoring Network

This network serves as a location to help individuals regarding: How to monitor/measure the environmental quality of the ecosystems; How to "access" scientific and social scientific data; How to use this data and utilize technology as a tool to further their understanding of their communities; Suspended sediment analysis, water quality testing, stream health assessments, etc. We lend out equipment through the Environmental Stewardship Equipment Bank; we provide a place for groups to assist others and area network for the environmental stewardship community in Atlantic Canada; and we offer information about environmental monitoring protocols.

Focus: Water Monitoring, Outreach, Training

Saint Mary's University Department of Geography and Environmental Studies
Oaks Building 204, 923 Robie Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 3C3


Community Mapping Network

The Community Mapping Network (CMN) helps communities map sensitive habitats and species distributions in British Columbia and Canada.

The Community Mapping Network (CMN) helps communities map sensitive habitats and species distributions in British Columbia and Canada. Since 2000, the CMN has created community based atlases with customized data entry and reporting tools. The atlases integrate many different data sources including local and remote data sets, geo-referenced videos and sensitive habitat mapping projects. The Atlas Gallery has over sixty user friendly atlases that use Mapguide Open Source. By providing accurate and up to date information, the CMN and its many partners help plan sustainable communities.

Focus: The CMN in the Atlas Gallery has over sixty user friendly atlases that use Mapguide Open Source. By providing accurate and up to date information, the CMN and its many partners help plan sustainable communities.

Services: Outreach and education, Project management, Research and monitoring, Other

Community Mapping Network image

370 Robinson Rd.
Bowen Is., British Columbia V0N1G1



Comox Valley Land Trust

The Comox Valley Land Trust is a community-based, not-for-profit organization that works to protect and conserve the ecologically significant land and wildlife habitat of the Comox Valley region.

The Comox Valley Land Trust works with public and private landowners to protect greenspace, ecosystems, wildlife habitat and landscape-scale connectivity in the Comox Valley. We use a science-based approach to determine strategic priorities and work in partnerships to achieve conservation success. We hold 12 conservation covenants on ecologically significant private properties throughout the Valley, and are the owners of 2 conservation area. Total area protected to date is now 276 ha. We also work proactively with local governments and the development community to modernize and streamline environmentally friendly land use practices and support low impact development technologies.

Focus: The Comox Valley Land Trust operates three programs: the Comox Valley Conservation Partnership program; the Land Protection Program; and a Conservation Science Program.

Services: Outreach and education, Planning, Program development and delivery, Research and monitoring

2356 Rosewall Crescent
PO Box 3462
Courtenay, British Columbia V9N 5N5


Crooked Creek Conservancy Society of Athabasca

CCCSA is a land trust dedicated to nature conservation, preservation, and restoration and, through its outreach activities, nature literacy and appreciation. It is an ecological gift recipient certified by Environment Canada to hold in trust protected private lands for which the landowner receives a tax benefit. It functions as a community resource, providing information on the natural assets of the Athabasca region, advising landowners on the process and financial benefits of permanently protecting the natural portions of their property, and promoting discussion by staging school and community events. We are a volunteer organization linked to the Athabasca area and joined together by an appreciation of its considerable ecological value.

Focus: Land trust, Crooked Creek watershed, Athabasca Alberta, nature conservation, Nature outreach and education, nature appreciation

Box 2072
Athabasca, Alberta T9S 2B6



Crowsnest Conservation Society

Our Mission: Valuing and connecting people and nature for a healthy future in the Crowsnest Pass and beyond. Our Vision: Crowsnest Conservation Society envisions and works toward a Crowsnest Pass where: We work together with community partners to ensure a healthy future for the natural environment and the people who live in it; Wildlife can live and move within a healthy landscape; A range of recreational activities coexist with users and wildlife in a respectful and sustainable manner; Private and public decisions about land development are made with the long-term needs of wildlife and sustainable community as key factors; People celebrate our rich unique natural heritage.

Focus: WildED, Education, Birding Activities

Box 242
12707 - 20 Avenue
Crowsnest Pass, Alberta T0K 0E0


Ducks Unlimited Canada-Alberta

Your sustainable ag partner

Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) is the leader in wetland conservation. A registered charity, DUC partners with government, industry, non-profit organizations and landowners to conserve wetlands that are critical to waterfowl, wildlife and the environment.

Focus: Wetland restoration, conservation easements, hay/graze tenders, forage and marginal areas program

Services: Consulting, Funding, Outreach and education, Planning, Project management, Program development and delivery, Research and monitoring

Ducks Unlimited Canada

10525 170 Street T5P 4W2
Edmonton, Alberta T5S 0A2


EcoLogic Horticulture

Your trusted partner in horticultural products for ecological restoration.

EcoLogic specializes in supporting restoration, reclamation, and low-impact urban development projects. Our nature-inspired solutions are tailored to meet your specific goals, whether you're restoring a natural area, reclaiming a site, or enhancing an urban space. We supply native plants, native seed, NaturesTurf (native plants in a sod-like format), all locally grown at our nursery near Strathmore, Alberta.

Focus: Providing native plants and seed for land restoration and urban naturalization.

EcoLogic Horticulture image

Township Rd 240 & Range Rd 243
Wheatland County, Alberta T0J 3G0


EcoServices Network

Building knowledge and capacity in support of conservation markets.

EcoServices Network is a mutlidisciplinary group of stakeholders working collectively to develop the knowledge and capacity required to implement conservation markets in Alberta. Through the network, coordinated efforts will create a system for information sharing and collaboration across sector boundaries.

Focus: ecosystem services, nature-based solutions, conservation markets

EcoServices Network image

17503 45 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T6M 2N3



Edmonton and Area Land Trust

The Edmonton and Area Land Trust is a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to conserving the natural heritage of the region through private stewardship. We envision an Edmonton region where natural area systems are valued, preserved for future generations and play a key role in the social, economic and environmental life of the residents of the area.

Focus: protected areas, conservation

101, 10471 178 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5S 1R5


Edmonton Native Plant Society

Vision A world where native plants and their ecosystems thrive. Mission ENPS promotes the appreciation and use of local plants native to the greater Edmonton area through education, propagation, expertise, consultation and advocacy.

Focus: Plants native to the Edmonton area

Services: Program development and delivery, Outreach and education, Consulting

Edmonton Native Plant Society image

PO Box 32085 RPO Millwoods
Edmonton, Alberta T6K4C2


Elbow River Watershed Partnership

The Elbow River Watershed Partnership (ERWP) provides a forum for learning about watershed management and the land-water connection.

Focus: Elbow River Watershed, Calgary, Rocky View County, Tsuut'ina, Kananaskis Country, McLean Creek, Alberta Parks, Bragg Creek, Springbank

Mail Code 64, PO Box 2100, Station M
Calgary, Alberta T2P 2M5


Environment Lethbridge

Inspiring community action towards sustainability

Environment Lethbridge was formed in 2012 by a group of concerned community members andbusiness leaders. We are supported by and collaborate with a diverse group of organizationsand agencies. Our focus is specific to the city of Lethbridge and we envision Lethbridge as asustainable community. Our current priorities are waste reduction, green energy, and climate resilience.

Focus: Waste reduction, green energy, climate resilience

Services: Outreach and education, Program development and delivery

Environment Lethbridge image

Box 782
Lethbridge, Alberta T1J 3Z6


Environmental Law Centre (Alberta)

The Environmental Law Centre (ELC) has been seeking strong and effective environmental laws since it was founded in 1982. The ELC is dedicated to providing credible, comprehensive and objective legal information regarding natural resources, energy and environmental law, policy and regulation in Alberta. The ELC's mission is to educate and champion for strong laws and rights so all Albertans can enjoy clean water, clean air and a healthy environment. Our vision is a society where laws secure an environment that sustains current and future generations. The Environmental Law Centre has launched, a resource for high school teachers and students, and interested Albertans, to learn about environmental law.

Focus: environmental law, policy and regulation

410, 10115 100A Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2W2



Evergreen Theatre Society

Discover the Fine Art of Science

Evergreen Theatre’s mission is to create, facilitate and empower youth by fostering meaningful curriculum-based theatrical programming that explores and inspires innovation, stewardship and sustainability through the intersection of education, art, science and community.

Focus: Youth Environmental Education Through Theatre

Services: Outreach and education, Program development and delivery

Evergreen Theatre Society image

#2, 1709 8 Ave NE
Calgary, Alberta T2E 0S9



Falkirk Environmental Consultants Ltd.

We Think and Act Like Owners

Falkirk is comprised of an accomplished team of senior technical, regulatory and indigenous engagement professionals with decades of experience. We are headquartered in Vancouver, BC and our primary focus is on the mining and mineral exploration sector in Canada. We lead permitting and regulatory affairs matters for projects, working with government, financial institutions and communities to provide solutions to complex issues.

Focus: Mining, Water, Environment, Indigenous Rights

Services: Consulting, Planning, Project management

Falkirk Environmental Consultants Ltd. image

Suite 250-1199 West Hastings St.
Vancouver, British Columbia V6E 3T5


Fiera Biological Consulting Ltd.

Fiera Biological is a multi-disciplinary environmental consulting firm with experience in wildlife research and management, ecological field assessments, and environmental land-use policy and planning. We specialize in the selection, development, and application of systematic, objective, and repeatable criteria to inform land-use planning at multiple spatial scales, with a focus on integrating robust scientific principles into land use policy and planning decisions. In particular, we excel at combining our comprehensive ecological knowledge with state-of-the-art GIS and remote sensing technology and analysis, which allows us to integrate ecological, social, and economic information into land use decisions.

Focus: ecological planning; wildlife; fisheries; rare plants; wetland assessment; watershed planning; water policy

Suite 301, 10359 82 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T6E 1Z9


Fish Creek Watershed Association

We are focused on monitoring the health and protecting the quantity and quality of water in the upper Fish Creek watershed as a registered nonprofit volunteer organization since 2021.

Focus: Water stewardship

Services: Outreach and education, Planning, Project management, Program development and delivery, Research and monitoring

221B 15 St NW
Calgary, Alberta T2N 2A8


Foothills Land Trust

The Foothills Land Trust's mission is to conserve and connect natural landscapes within the MD of Foothills. The FLT is unique amongst Albertan land trusts in that we are community focused and often protect small, yet ecologically significant, land parcels, thereby creating natural wildlife and riparian corridors. We specifically aim at creating community-based land conservation in the MD of Foothills.

Focus: Watershed, Land Trust, Riparian

P.O Box 18066 Shawnessy RPO
Calgary, Alberta T2Y 0K3


Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park Society

Our mission is To engage the community through education and awareness to conserve a truly unique naturalized urban park. Our programs focus on environmental stewardship to help ensure that the park continues to be a natural oasis for future generations to enjoy. Park Watch, Trail Care, Weed Whackers & Tree Wrapping are stewardship programs. Amphibian Monitoring & Beaver Monitoring help assess the park's wildlife. Educational programs Speaker Series, Learning Naturally and the volunteer-run Birding Courses. Community outreach includes presentations, tours of the park's engineered wetlands, tours of waste water treatment plants & the annual CREEKFEST.

Focus: Wildlife, Education, Watersheds, Community, Stewardship, Preservation, Environment

15975 Bow Bottom Trail SE
Calgary, Alberta T2J 6T5



Friends of Kananaskis Country

For close to two decades, the Friends of Kananaskis Country has devoted itself to preserving the integrity of Kananaskis Country's ecosystems and, at the same time, encourages responsible and thoughtful use of this wilderness playground. Working closely with Alberta Environment and Parks, hundreds of volunteers, businesses and other organizations, the Friends of Kananaskis Country has shared the significance of this wild and magical place and education programs. Our mission is to enhance, protect and share the unique natural and cultural experiences of Kananaskis Country through public participation and environmental education.

Focus: Trails, Stewardship, Environmental Education

201, 800 Railway Ave
Canmore, Alberta T1W 1P1



Friends of Little Beaver Lake Society

A group formed to learn about, to care for, and to protect LIttle Beaver Lake and it's surrounding shoreline and watershed.

Focus: watershed, water quality, education

Box 88
Ferintosh, Alberta T0B 1M0


G2 Give Green Canada

We provide mentorships, tools and training for eNGO's and work with donors and professional advisors to encourage green philanthropy. Our Green Legacies Guide is available online including a new chapter on foodland/farmland. You're invited to visit our G2 Toolkit, the "best publicly-accessible source of information on ecological gifts and planned gifts in Canada."

Focus: Legacies, Monthly Giving, Mentoring

PO Box 39071
RPO James Bay
Victoria, British Columbia V8V 4X8


Galiano Conservancy Association

Formed in 1989 as an instrument for community-based land acquisition, management and conservation of land and habitat, the GCA is a broad-based organization devoted to land and marine conservation, stewardship and restoration, and environmental education and public awareness. The Conservancy Learning Centre and Program Centre are located on an incredible 188-acre property on Galiano. With 2km of untouched waterfront, an accessible cove area, old growth Douglas fir Arbutus forests, wetlands and agricultural areas, the Centre serves as a hub for teaching respectful and sustainable living practices. Participants of all ages are immersed in the natural world from which they are increasingly separated in their daily lives.

Focus: restoration; conservation; public education; environmental education; species at risk; mapping; land protection

10825 Porlier Pas Rd
Galiano Island, British Columbia V0N 1P0



Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority

The Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority (GRCA) goal is the conservation, restoration, and management of natural resources on a watershed basis while providing for the public enjoyment of the lands it oversees. Formed in October 1946 under the Conservation Authorities Act, the GRCA is one of the oldest conservation authorities in Ontario. The GRCA covers an area of 935 km2 from Wilmot Creek to Cobourg Creek and from the south shore of Rice Lake to Lake Ontario. The Ganaraska Forest is at a pivotal moment in its history. The largest block of continuous forest in Southern Ontario, it is a huge expanse of approximately 11,000 acres that represents one of the most successful conservation projects ever undertaken in central Canada.

Focus: Watershed, Stewardship, Education, Research, Monitoring, Funding, Mapping

2216 County Road 28
Port Hope, Ontario L1A 3V8



Gateway Research Organization

Agriculture Applied Research

Gateway Research Organization (GRO) is a non-profit applied research association based out of Westlock, Alberta. We make mistakes so that you, the farmer, don’t have to. Governed by a forward thinking board of directors who set the tone for GRO, we are driven, passionate and curious. We love learning and then sharing what we learn with our producers. We work with a variety of researchers and companies to conduct crop, grazing, and soil research to add to local and provincial agriculture knowledge and data.

Focus: Agriculture

Services: Outreach and education, Planning, Project management, Program development and delivery, Research and monitoring

Gateway Research Organization image

Box 5865
9319 110A St Bay A
Westlock, Alberta T7P 2P6


GFoundation: Global Foundation for Social Harmony & Sustainable Development

Promoting, Educating, Advocating & Organizing

Some current priorities include:

  • Planting & caring for trees, protecting wetlands and watersheds, as well as promoting biodiversity in the UN-designated Beaver Hills Biosphere
  • Building environmental resiliency to deal with climate change; net-working with others to make it happen
  • Experimenting, piloting, and integrating food production gardens in-to wetland restoration plans
  • Campaigning to stop the privatization of ecologically sensitive lands, and calling for corporate and government accountability in decision-making
  • Connecting individuals, landowners, and organizations to actions and education that protect the environment in the long term

GFoundation has adopted a practical focus on 15,000 acres of land surrounding its headquarters in which wetlands of global significance prevail - all within the Beaver Hills Biosphere.

Focus: Sustainable development integration; environmental protection & climate change mitigation; social justice and human well-being

Services: Outreach and education, program development and delivery, research and monitoring

GFoundation: Global Foundation for Social Harmony & Sustainable Development image

50108 RR 203
Beaver County, Alberta T0B 4J2


Ghost Watershed Alliance Society

The Ghost Watershed Alliance Society (GWAS) is a non-profit Watershed Stewardship Group (WSG) under Alberta's Water for Life Strategy, established in 2002. The Ghost Watershed, located less than 1 hour northwest of Calgary, Alberta, covers almost 1,000 km2. The Ghost River is a tributary of the Bow River, providing app. 7% of the Bow River's flow measured upstream of Calgary. Our activities include Walks in the Watershed, open houses and input sessions, developing a science-based understanding of this watershed, stream-bank rehabilitation projects, collaborating with land managers and users, providing input based on the objective of maintaining water quality and quantity.

Focus: watersheds, streambanks, bio-engineering, wetlands, forests

PO Box 1461
Cochrane, Alberta T4C 1B4


Green Calgary Association

We seek a world-class city that serves as a model for environmentally sustainable and healthy communities.

Since 1978, we have been committed to empowering Calgarians to live more sustainably by offering resources and information about the greener choices we all can make in our homes, schools, workplaces, and in the community. As a leading environmental charity in our city, we offer a wide range of programs for schools, communities, and workplaces including: Waste in our World, Citizen Science, Spill the Beans: Unpacking Your Food Waste, Energy Efficiency, Waste Audit services, Event Greening services, Sumemer Sustainability, and Community Rain Barrel Sales. We believe that everyone deserves equal access to information; no matter the economic or social situation, everyone is entitled to the same quality of life, and a healthy environment is paramount for healthy living. We also believe that a healthy environment for the community begins at home. We encourage all Calgarians in their green journey, making it simple for them to green the way they live, work, and play.

Focus: Urban environmental education in schools, workplaces, and communities.

Services: Outreach and education, Program development and delivery

Green Calgary Association image

#308 - 301, 14 Street nW
Calgary, Alberta T2N 2A1


Green Communities Canada

Our mission is to connect community-based climate action groups through a national network to share resources, inspire innovative programming, and elevate our collective impact.

Green Communities Canada is a member-based organization that works to support community-based environmental NGOs across Canada. We do so by coordinating programming, training, and funds across our membership, and capturing our collective impact.

Focus: Water, Transportation, Energy

Services: Funding, Outreach and education, Project management, Program development and delivery, Research and monitoring

Green Communities Canada

1545 Monaghan Road
Peterborough, Ontario K9J5N3


Green Side Up Environmental Services & Landscaping

GSU is an award winning landscape construction & ecological restoration company. Services include: Managed Forest Tax Incentive Plans (MFTIPS), natural & interlock stone, stairs, walkways, walls & patios, trail construction, shoreline restoration, erosion control, reforestation, wetland restoration, residential/commercial plantings & care, bioengineering, decks & fences, native plant nursery, skid steer & mini excavator services, cedar hedge supply/install as well as armour stone supply/install. The North American Native Plant Society (NANPS) awarded one of GSU's clients with the Rural Reclamation Award.

Focus: South Central Ontario

121 Grassy Rd
Omemee, Kawartha Lakes, Ontario K0L 2W0


Highway 2 Conservation

Highway 2 Conservation (H2C) is a sustainable agriculture and conservation based organization formed between our three partnering municipalities: The County of Barrhead, Westlock County and Athabasca County. We provide the residents in these Counties with programs meant to increase environmental sustainability in numerous ways.

Focus: sustainable agriculture, riparian health, biodiversity, environmental farm plans (EFPS)

5306 40 Street
Barrhead, Alberta T7N 1N5


Inside Education Society of Alberta

We support teachers and inspire students. Inside Education is a charitable natural resources and environment education society. We have been delivering high quality, curriculum-based programs for teachers and students for many years with the help of our partners in education, government, industry and the conservation sector.Our suite of programs enable Canadian teachers and students to understand the science, technology and issues related to our environment and natural resources.

Focus: water, forests, energy, stewardship, innovation, climate change, wetlands, education, careers,

11428 100 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 0J4



Islands Trust Conservancy

Protecting Islands in the Salish Sea

The Islands Trust Conservancy is the conservation land trust for islands in the Salish Sea. We empower owners to protect private land with innovative programs. Islanders are confident entrusting the Islands Trust Conservancy with the protection of their land, knowing that we can deliver on our promise to protect in perpetuity.

Services: Other, research and monitoring, planning, outreach and education, funding

200-1627 Fort St
Victoria, British Columbia V8R 1H8


Keefer Ecological Services Ltd.

Keefer Ecological Services Ltd (KES) is recognized for its work in ecological restoration, plant ecology and research. KES has experienced strong growth since its inception in 2005, and is experienced and capable of managing complex projects in an efficient and professional manner. The company is closely integrated with Tipi Mountain Native Plants Ltd., the leading native plant nursery in the Kootenay region. KES has particular expertise in: vegetation sampling, rare plant inventory and recovery work, the management of wild berries, ethnobotany, revegetation using native species, and ecological restoration and reclamation.

Focus: ecological restoration, reclamation, native plants, botany, ecology, native seed collection, ethnobotany, ethnoecology, research,

PO Box 430
Cranbrook, British Columbia V1C 4H9



Kneehill County

Kneehill County's Land Care programming works with landowners to grow their knowledge and assist in implementation of land stewardship practices to improve the community and environment as a whole.

The Kneehill County Agricultural Service Board is committed to preserving and protecting our land, water, and ecosystems through the sharing of significant, innovative advances in sustainable agriculture and land care practices. By partnering with various organizations, who strive to improve environmental stewardship and agriculture sustainability, Ag Services Land Care provides support and correspondence reflective of the world and industry today through diverse services and educational opportunities.

Focus: Agriculture, Land Stewardship

Services: Other

Kneehill County image

Box 400
1600- 2nd Street NE
Three Hills, Alberta T0M 2A0


Lac La Nonne Enhancement and Protection Association

LEPA is dedicated to engaging our members in projects and activities aimed at improving the lake and watershed. In addition we strive to educate our members and the public on the importance of responsible management of our natural areas through workshops, tours and newsletters.

Focus: Watersheds

Site 14 Box 1 RR 1
Gunn, Alberta T0E 1A0



Lake Isle & Lac Ste. Anne Water Quality Management Society

We are a non-profit society committing to promote the protection of Lake Isle and Lac Ste. Anne. Our goal is to mitigate any future deterioration of the water. Please consider joining the Society to help protect our lakes.

Focus: Watershed, water quality, algae

Box 388
Alberta Beach, Alberta T0E 0A0


Lakeland Industry and Community Association

Lakeland Industry and Community Association (LICA) is a community-based not-for-profit association that has operated for over 20 years and currently serves its region as the following:

  • An Airshed Zone monitoring the air quality throughout the LICA region,
  • The Watershed Planning and Advisory Council (WPAC) for the Beaver River Watershed, which is one of eleven WPACs in Alberta, and
  • A Synergy Group that facilitates all stakeholders’ voices when addressing issues concerning the environment.

The mission of Synergy Groups throughout Alberta is to foster mutually satisfactory outcomes in communities by providing information, mutual learning, communication, skills development, facilitation, and resources. The strength in Synergy Groups is that they connect people and organizations; all voices are heard at the same table. As a multi-stakeholder group, true information sharing happens and environmental projects can be tailored to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

An Airshed’s role is primarily to monitor air quality. Guided by the Air Monitoring Directive, Airsheds implement stakeholder-tailored air monitoring programs to meet regional data and information needs. Monitoring efforts undertaken by Airsheds include direct measurement of air quality parameters and air effects on the environment (e.g. lake and soil acidification, precipitation  chemistry, and forest health). Airsheds provide data which allow for the assessment of the state of air quality and trends, as well as for community monitoring needs including the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI).

A WPAC’s role is to reach a balance between ecological values and a sustainable economy that contribute to a healthy overall community. The organization  is  designed to achieve Alberta’s “Water for Life Strategy” which strategically looks to ensure water availability for future generations. The three main goals of the “Water for Life Strategy” are: safe/secure drinking water, healthy aquatic ecosystems, and reliable quality water supplies for a sustainable economy.

Focus: Environmental monitoring; environmental management; community education and outreach

Lakeland Industry and Community Association image

5107 50 Street
PO Box 8237
Bonnyville, Alberta T9N 2J5



Land Stewardship Centre

Enabling people and organizations to become better stewards.

At Land Stewardship Centre we work with people and organizations to help improve their understanding of healthy ecosystems, we support grass-roots community stewardship efforts, and we encourage the development of practices and policies that support sustainable resource use. Enabling people and organizations to become better stewards. That is what we're here to do.

Focus: air; land; water; biodiversity; ecosystem services; community stewardship

Land Stewardship Centre image

17503 45 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T6M 2N3



Land Use Planning Hub

The Land Use Planning Hub is an informal network that supports the implementation of Alberta's regional plans. By connecting practitioners and planners from around the province, the Land Use Planning Hub shares information, stories and feedback related to land-use planning. The website was created and is operated by fRI Research, a non-profit corporation that works toward sustainable land and resource management.

Focus: Land Use Planning

1176 Switzer Drive
Hinton, Alberta T7V 1V3


Legacy Land Trust Society

We are a registered non-profit charity dedicated to conservation and stewardship of significant lands—ecological, agricultural and heritage—in central Alberta. Based in Olds, we work with landowners, interested individuals, communities, organizations and governments to conserve and nurture these lands for future generations.

Focus: We work with individuals and communities to conserve land's ecological, agricultural and heritage values. We do this through conservation planning, education and awareness and stewardship

Services: Outreach and education, Project management, Program development and delivery, Research and monitoring

Legacy Land Trust Society image

4805 - 49 Avenue
Olds, Alberta T4H1E1


Lesser Slave Forest Education Society

The Lesser Slave Forest Education Society is a non-profit organization committed to providing forest education and increased public awareness of forestry in the Lesser Slave Lake region. Our goal is to provide a multiple perspective approach to forest focused environmental education. We offer curriculum related programs through interactive field trips and classroom presentations to schools, teachers and community groups. Programming can include the studying of plants and animals; learning about rocks and minerals; discovering forest ecosystems; exploring biological diversity; and examining freshwater habitats. We are proud to inspire the youth of our community in becoming responsible stewards of the environment.

Focus: Environmental Education

1201 Main Street SE
Slave Lake, Alberta T0G 2A3


Lesser Slave Watershed Council

Watershed management is a shared responsibility! Let's work together to protect our water resources for generations to come.

The Lesser Slave Watershed Council (LSWC) is a non-profit, charitable organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Members of the council are representatives from towns, municipalities, Indigenous & Metis communities, industries, land owners, and other non-profit organizations who have an interest in how the waters of Lesser Slave Lake and its tributaries are managed. We first came together as a group of concerned citizens in the late 1990s. In 2006 the LSWC became a not for profit society, and in 2007 the LSWC was recognized by the province of Alberta as the Watershed Planning and Advisory Council (WPAC) for the Lesser Slave watershed. In 2010 were granted status as a Canadian charitable organization.

Focus: A healthy and resilient Lesser Slave Watershed.

Services: Consulting, Funding, Outreach and education, Planning, Program development and delivery, Research and monitoring

Lesser Slave Watershed Council image

P.O Box 2607
4833 52nd Ave
High Prairie, Alberta T0G1E0


Living Oceans Society

Living Oceans Society is proud of our track record of collaborative solutions that deliver results. We have been a leader in the effort to protect Canada's Pacific coast since we formed in 1998. We are based in Sointula, a small fishing village on the Central Coast of British Columbia, yet our influence is national. Our vision: Canada's oceans are sustainably managed and thriving with abundant sea life that supports vibrant and resilient coastal communities.

Focus: Canada's ocean waters

PO Box 320
Sointula, British Columbia V0N 3E0



Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation

The Manitoba Habitat Heritage Corporation (MHHC), is a not-for-profit Crown corporation with a mandate to conserve, restore and enhance fish and wildlife habitat in Manitoba. MHHC was created in 1986 as a means to develop private land conservation initiatives, primarily in southern Manitoba. Since then, MHHC has grown to hold what is likely the largest portfolio of conservation easements (known as conservation agreements in Manitoba) in Canada. MHHC holds these agreements in perpetuity. MHHC also delivers land management activities, habitat assessments, is the provider of habitat compensation for Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation, and coordinates the delivery of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan in Manitoba.

Focus: Watersheds, Species at risk, Waterfowl, Conservation, Manitoba, Mitigation, Habitat Assessment, Land Management, Restoration, Preservation, Fund Management, Conservation Easements, Conservation Agreements, Aquatic Habitat, Fish, Biodiversity

200 - 1765 Sargent Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3H 0C6



Mayatan Lake Management Association

The Mayatan Lake Management Association advocates for actions consistent with the goal of preserving and protecting the Mayatan Lake watershed and surrounding area. Mayatan Lake is a secluded wetland complex in Parkland County with a largely undisturbed shoreline. It features many migratory and nesting bird populations and wildlife corridors. In 2011 the MLMA commissioned a Mayatan Lake State of the Watershed Report. In 2012 the MLMA will develop a Mayatan Lake Management Plan to provide a framework that links land use decision-making to protection of the watershed. A water testing program initiated through the Alberta Lake Management Society in 2011 will continue in 2012.

Focus: watershed education planning; monitoring

3-52212 Range Road 25
Parkland County, Alberta T7Y 2M3


Medicine Hat Interpretive Program

The MH Interpretive Program is part of the Grasslands Naturalists, and operates from the Police Point Park Nature Centre. Police Point Park is located on a point bar in the South Saskatchewan River in Medicine Hat. We provide year round interpretation of the natural and human history of south eastern Alberta. Working with many partners, we provide exhibits, events, school programs, reliable information, and inspiration for residents and visitors. Big old cottonwoods, sagebrush and cactus provide homes for wildlife. Our wild in the City location attracts birders, hikers, and families spending quality time together. Stewardship projects include research and education regarding riparian areas, wildlife, and river health.

Focus: Education, Interpretation, Environmental Appropriate Activities, Stewardship, Citizen Science

Box 2491
Medicine Hat, Alberta T1A 8G8



Medicine River Watershed Society

Monitoring and promoting the Medicine River Watershed

We are currently doing sampling of the river to see if the water quality has improved since the 2007 testing.

Focus: Water quality and riparian health

Services: Outreach and education, research and monitoring

Medicine River Watershed Society image

RR 1 Site 4 Box 14
Eckville, Alberta T0M 0X0


Medieval Manor Gardens

Going back to our roots to grow our future

Medieval Manor Gardens propagates native plants using natural and sustainable methods and provides them to home owners, urban planning, commercial projects, environmental reconstruction and more. We also offer engaging workshops and nature experiences to educate corporations, non-profits, schools and community groups about ecology, environmental conservation and native wildlife and plants.

Focus: Native Plants

Services: Consulting, Outreach and education

Medieval Manor Gardens image

108 - 4301b South Park Drive
4 - 52419 Range Road 13, Parkland County
Stony Plain, Alberta T7Z 2A9


Mighty Peace Watershed Alliance

We are the provincially mandated Watershed Planning and Advisory Council for the Peace River watershed in Alberta. With a State of the Watershed report as our next goal, we are collecting scientific knowledge as well as local knowledge and concerns about the Peace River watershed. Following the completion of this report, the next step is to produce an Integrated Watershed Management Plan.

Focus: watershed, Peace River, public engagement, collection of science

PO Box 217
McLennan, Alberta T0H 2L0



Milk River Watershed Council Canada

Our Water, Our Legacy

The Milk River Watershed Council Canada (MRWCC) is a broad partnership of interested and informed people living and working in the Milk River Watershed who provide leadership in watershed management and planning. As a transboundary watershed, we foster good relationships with our Montana neighbours for the continued co-management of the Milk River waters. Our Mandate: To engage governments, stakeholders, other partnerships, and the public in watershed assessment and watershed management planning, considering existing land and resource management planning processes and decision-making authorities.

Focus: Water and Land

Services: Outreach and education, Planning, Project management, Program development and delivery, Research and monitoring

Milk River Watershed Council Canada image

240 Main Street, Box 313
Milk River, Alberta T0K1M0


Millard/Piercy Watershed Stewards

Our mission is to assess, restore and maintain the ecosystems of the Millard/Piercy watershed

Since the late 1990's, our organization has worked to improve the health of Millard Creek and it's major tributary, Piercy Creek. The main focus has been on salmonid species, particularly coho salmon. We do this by undertaking habitat improvement projects such as developing rearing ponds and spawning areas within the streams and planting native vegetation in riparian zones. A public outreach program involving brochures, watershed walks, press releases submitted to the local newspaper and signage helps to educate the public about the importance of maintaining healthy watersheds.

Focus: Watershed restoration

Services: Outreach and education, Program development and delivery, Research and monitoring

919 Highwood Dr
Comox, British Columbia V9M 3R5


Morrison Creek Streamkeepers

Promoting public awareness of the Morrison Creek Watershed

The Morrison Creek Streamkeepers (MCS) are an active group of watershed residents and community members dedicated to preserving, rehabilitating and promoting public awareness of the Morrison Creek watershed. MCS worked for several years gathering biophysical data on the watershed and teamed up with the Comox Valley Project Watershed Society to complete a streamside landowner contact program in 2000. As well, MCS worked with the Habitat Stewardship Program for Species at Risk (an Environment Canada program) to complete works aimed at ensuring the longterm health of the Morrison Creek Lamprey. They used to deploy a smolt fence every year to check the health of the fish population and take census of the salmonid population for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) but that was discontinued due to declining numbers of lamprey. As much as possible, MCS volunteers are also actively involved in land-use planning at all levels of government. They have also conducted restoration projects with the guidance of both DFO and BC Ministry of Environment with details of their latest projects available in the Archives.

Focus: fish and stream protection and restoration

Services: Outreach and education, program development and delivery

Morrison Creek Streamkeepers

241 Woods Ave
Courtenay, British Columbia V9N 3Y7


Muriel Lake Basin Management Society

Muriel Lake is in the Beaver River watershed and in the Municipal District of Bonnyville, Alberta. Muriel Lake has suffered severe environmental degradation due to continuing loss of water level over the last 40 years. The level has dropped 5 metres, which is a loss of about 60% of the lake's volume. MLBMS works to understand the cause of the loss of water level and undertakes projects to mitigate or restore the lake.

Focus: watershed

9607 83 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta T6C 3A3


Natural Decisions Pty Ltd

Natural Decisions is a small consulting company based in Australia with an interest in all aspects of environmental decision making

Making decisions on environmental and natural resource management problems is a complex and challenging business. Around the world, environmental organisations face a similar challenge; how to get the best and most needed results from the limited resources that they have available. At the same time, governments that provide these funds wish to be able to decide which projects will deliver the most valuable environmental outcomes, but often lack the information needed to make these decisions. Natural Decisions has expertise in environmental and natural resource economics, ecology, land and water management & agricultural science. We have research and knowledge integration credentials with long experience working in and with public agencies (governments, universities, regional groups, NGOs) and private companies. We work in collaboration with a global network of like-minded scientists and economists seeking to make a difference in policy and achieving cost-effective, enduring environmental outcomes. Key benefits to clients We can help you and your organisation make more informed and evidence-based decisions. Where required, to develop sound business cases for environmental investment, we use a rigorous and quality assured process (INFFER™). INFFER™ won one of Australia’s most prestigious and recognised science prizes (the Australian Museum Eureka Prize for Interdisciplinary Research in 2009). INFFER has also been recognised in 2012 in a Group of 8 University Research Innovation report as a ‘top 20’ research project assessed as having significant national impact from projects submitted within 4 theme areas (defence, economy, society, environment). INFFER™ is now being taught at several universities in both Australia and Canada. Our commitment to on-going research and implementation also means that we remain abreast of developments in environmental decision-making and use these within services offered to clients. We are committed to on-going product and service development.

Focus: Environmental and natural resource economics, ecology, land and water management & agricultural science

Services: Consulting, Planning, Program development and delivery

Natural Decisions Pty Ltd image

19 Wyndham Street
Newstead, Vic 3462


Nature Alberta

Established in 1970, Nature Alberta encourages Albertans to increase their knowledge and understanding of natural history and ecological processes; promotes the exchange of data and information among clubs and other conservation organizations; promotes the formation of new natural history clubs throughout the province; and provides a unified voice for naturalists on conservation issues. Nature Alberta represents approximately 40 natural history clubs with membership totaling 5,000 volunteer naturalists who carry out activities throughout the province.

Focus: nature clubs, natural history, ecology, conservation

3rd Floor, Percy Page Centre
11759 Groat Road
Edmonton, Alberta T5M 3K6


Nature Cowichan

The Nature Cowichan Network is supported by the Cowichan Valley Naturalists' Society on behalf of several conservation and stewardship groups in the Cowichan region, Vancouver Island, British Columbia: Quamichan Stewards, Somenos Marsh Wildlife Society, Cowichan Community Land Trust, Nature Kids, Cowichan Estuary Nature Centre.

Focus: Cowichan, Koksilah, Chemainus watersheds

6 - 55 Station Street
Duncan, British Columbia V9L 1M2


Nature Trust of New Brunswick

Established in 1987, the Nature Trust of New Brunswick is a charitable land conservation organization that is responsible for conserving over 2800 hectares (7000 acres) in 50 beautiful and diverse nature preserves throughout the province. Mission: To conserve areas in New Brunswick that are ecologically significant, establishing nature preserves that remain protected forever; To steward the nature preserves through a network of volunteers and supporters; To engage with the public on the importance of land conservation, New Brunswick's natural heritage, biodiversity, and species at risk.

Focus: conservation, land, nature, preserves, stewardship, new brunswick, canada, maritimes, atlantic, nature trust, fundy, conservation, forest, wetland, education, outreach

649 Queen Street, 2nd Floor
P.O. Box 603, Station A
Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 5A6



North Saskatchewan Watershed Alliance

As the Watershed Planning and Advisory Council (WPAC)for the North Saskatchewan River basin, we are involved in many aspects of watershed management. We provide advice to municipalities, government, stewardship groups and others.

Focus: Watersheds, watershed management, water, lake management

202 - 9440 49 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T6B 2M9


Nose Creek Watershed Partnership

The Nose Creek Watershed Partnership (NCWP) was formed in 1998 to protect riparian areas and improve water quality in the Nose Creek watershed. In 2007, the Nose Creek Watershed Water Management Plan was adopted by the municipal jurisdictions of the watershed as a guidance document and planning tool. The NCWP works with municipalities to implement the recommendations of the Plan and works with community residents to restore degraded areas of the watershed with volunteer based restoration projects.

Focus: watershed stewardship; creek restoration; water management planning

160, 6712 Fisher St SE
Calgary, Alberta T2H 2A7



Oldman Watershed Council

The Oldman Watershed Council (OWC) is a charitable not-for-profit organization of southern Alberta with a vision of having a healthy, resilient watershed where people, wildlife and habitat thrive. In order to achieve this the OWC maintains and improves the Oldman watershed by: 1) Improving and sharing knowledge, 2) building and strengthening stakeholder partnerships, 3) Promoting community action and stewardship, 4) Developing and implementing integrated land and water plans.

Focus: Watersheds

PO Box 1892
Lethbridge, Alberta T1J 4K5


Oldman Watershed Dams' Downstream Stakeholders Guild

High water low water liaison between government and landowners

ODAM was formed in 2013 to improve communications between government and landowners downstream of the Oldman River Dam, to the confluence of the Belly River. Our scope increased in 2022 when ODAM ran a Planned Diversion Tracking Program pilot to increase efficiencies of water released from Pine Coulee Dam in to Willow Creek, for the conservation of this water for all downstream users.

Focus: Communication during high water events, efficient use of water and water conservation for irrigators and other water users.

Services: Project management, Research and monitoring

Oldman Watershed Dams' Downstream Stakeholders Guild image

PO Box 717
Fort Macleod, Alberta T0L 0Z0


Ontario Land Trust Alliance

The Ontario Land Trust Alliance (OLTA) is a not-for-profit, charitable organization, registered in 2002, with a mission to strengthen land conservation across Ontario by building and supporting a strong land trust movement. OLTA accomplishes this mission by supporting and enhancing the effectiveness of land trusts through training and educational programs; by promoting networking and helping to ensure land trusts implement a set of national standards and practices; by delivering financial granting programs to support direct land conservation efforts on the ground; and by promoting the land trust movement to the public and other stakeholders.

Focus: land trust, conservation, stewardship

10 Adelaide St East, Suite 401
Toronto, Ontario M5C 1J3


Ontario Woodlot Association

The Ontario Woodlot Association (OWA) is a non-profit organization with a network of regional chapters located across Ontario. The OWA brings woodlot owners together to share ideas and learn about forest management. We promote sustainable forestry practices in private forests to ensure the viability of these forests for future generations.

Focus: Ontario

10 Campus Dr., Unit 4
Kemptville, Ontario K0G 1J0



Operation Grassland Community

For 30 years, Operation Grassland Community (OGC) has had the good fortune to work side-by-side with its landholder membership (> 350 ranchers and farmers), building relationships of trust and mutual respect. Together we have committed time, effort, and finances toward on-the-ground habitat protection and enhancement activities for species at risk. With a shared commitment to habitat and wildlife preservation, OGC continues to partner with our membership toward sustainable land use solutions. A program of the Alberta Fish and Game Association, Operation Grassland Community (OGC) has a vision of a sustainable prairie landscape where communities thrive, diverse interests are balanced, and wildlife and their habitats are in abundance.

Focus: grassland; prairie; Alberta; ranching; species at risk

13045 156 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5V 0A2



Organic Alberta

Organic Alberta is a membership driven non-profit association. We serve all certified organic and transitioning entities (producers and processors) and all businesses within the organic value chains as well as businesses that serve the organic sector such as, but not limited to: distribution, transportation, brokers, buyers, marketers, certifiers, inputs, seed, feed and retailers. We also serve consumers insofar as it supports the industry. We are all about growing organics in Alberta!

Focus: organic agriculture; environmental stewardship; food systems

Unit 1
10329 61 Ave
Edmonton, Alberta T6H 1K9



Pacific Parklands Foundation

Pacific Parklands Foundation was established in January 2000 as a non-profit society and charitable organization with an independent Board of Directors. Our mission is to encourage philanthropy and volunteerism, enrich communities and protect valuable green space in Metro Vancouver regional parks. Since its inception, the Pacific Parklands Foundation has played an important role in the enhancement, preservation, and conservation of the Metro Vancouver regional park system.

Focus: Metro Vancouver Regional Parks

6825 Cariboo Rd
Burnaby, British Columbia V3N 4A3


Parkland Airshed Mangement Zone

Established in 1997 PAMZ is a non-profit group who is responsible to identify air quality concerns within the zone and to implement management strategies to address those concerns. PAMZ began air quality monitoring in 1999. We monitor 42,000 square kilometres from the majestic eastern slopes of the Rockies to the rolling prairies just east of Highway 2 including villages, towns and the City of Red Deer. The data we collect is vital to our understanding of air quality in the zone. The data is also the foundation for planning, initiatives and action to keep our air breathable.

Focus: air quailty monitoring

Box 1020
Sundre, Alberta T0M 1X0



Peace Country Beef & Forage Association

Peace Country Beef & Forage Association (PCBFA) is a producer organized, unbiased applied research and extension group focusing on beef, forage and crop production and environmental resiliency in the Peace River region of Northern Alberta. PCBFA strives to provide innovative, relevant and local information on agricultural systems.

Focus: Beef, Forage, Environment, Riparian, Sustainable, Beef Production System, Nutrient

Box 3000
Fairview, Alberta T0H 1L0


Pigeon Lake Watershed Association

The PLWA is a charitable, non-profit environmental advocacy group made up of people who live, work and play in Pigeon Lake and its Watershed. The PLWA partners with residents, groups and governments willing to step up because we are the lake stewards. Together we are enhancing the health of the watershed and lake; the place we cherish.

Focus: Watershed, Lake Stewardship, Clean Runoff, Healthy Shorelines, Land Use, Biodiversity

PO Box 1353
Calmar, Alberta T0C 0V0


Plants Dig Soil Consulting Ltd.


We support farms of any size to build a natural and resilient system that provides benefits now and for future generations. There are many ideas and systems promoted in regenerative agriculture but we focus on #RealisticRegenAg so that only practices that are proven and profitable are recommended. This is achieved through a regular podcast & newsletter, writing grants for funding of new projects, an online self directed course, an online community of like minded farmers & agronomists, workshops & presentations, and consulting packages that range from Q&A to full farm planning. We can work remotely, in-person, or a combination of both. While we love to work with people over the long term you are not tied to long term commitments. Once you have the information you are free to implement on your own or with another company.

Focus: Regenerative Agriculture

Services: Consulting, Funding, Outreach and education, Planning

Plants Dig Soil Consulting Ltd. image

3910 53 St
Taber, Alberta T1G1C6


Red Deer River Watershed Alliance

The Red Deer River Watershed Alliance (RDRWA) Society is a multi-sector, non-profit organization that was created in September 2005. The Alliance is one of 11 Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils that partner in the delivery of Alberta’s Water for Life Strategy. Watershed Ambassador Program: Through this program, RDRWA hopes to raise the profile of the watershed, its stewards and celebrate stewardship achievements throughout the watershed.We hold Watershed Ambassador Breakfasts on the third Friday of every month where we have a guest speaker talking about a watershed related topic.

Focus: watershed management planning and outreach

4918 59 Street
Red Deer, Alberta T4N 2N1



Respect Our Lakes

Respect Our Lakes (ROL) is a program of Alberta Environment and Parks. The ROL program is an awareness and education program that aims to inform lake users about the science of lakes, the rules and regulations that apply to lakes, and what people can do to keep lakes clean and healthy. ROL can provide stewardship groups and other lake partners a wide range of educational materials and resources such as brochures, fact sheets, signage, and displays to help increase the understanding of lake residents and users.

Focus: Water, lake, lakeshore, environment

Edmonton, Alberta


ReThink Red Deer

ReThink Red Deer is dedicated to enhancing the long term quality of life in Red Deer and surrounding area. We are a "for-benefit organization" for citizens to learn from one another and contribute to community understanding of sustainability and environmental issues. Our philosophy is that we are citizens first and consumers second; that our world is finite and borrowed from future generations; that we can live sustainably and in harmony with nature; and that inspiration is a renewable resource.

Focus: permaculture; transition towns; alternative transportation

23 Oxbow St
Red Deer, Alberta T4N 5K9


RiverWatch Institute of Alberta

RiverWatch Institute of Alberta delivers science education, environmental awareness and adventures on and along Alberta’s rivers and creeks. Through the use of river float trips, stewardship activities, portable water quality labs and other opportunities.

SCHOOL A FLOAT SCIENCE FLOATS – The Institute’s award-winning education programs are a go-to resource for Alberta secondary science classes, focusing on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects. Through rafting trips and data collection with portable water quality labs, thousands of students learn about the ecology and importance of Alberta’s waterways each year. CREEKWATCH – Citizen Science program, launched in 2014, connects citizens to water monitoring and stewardship experiences relevant to their local natural areas and storm water creeks. Through our volunteer training and portable water quality labs, we help local communities answer the question, “How healthy are our creeks?” RIVERWATCH ECOFLOATS – Our newest program, members of the public can join the Official River Guides of Edmonton and Calgary for a safe, fun, personalized, 3-4hr. guided raft experience down the North Saskatchewan or Bow River right through the city’s heart. Your RiverWatch raft guide will help participants gain new insights and appreciation for our rivers’ history, culture, bio-diversity and stewardship. Everyone will finish the day more connected to nature and your river. By delivering these services and programs, RiverWatch plays a critical role in fostering environmental awareness and promoting sustainable practices in the Province.

Focus: Rivers, Creeks, Stream, and Riparian area

Services: Outreach and education, Program development and delivery, Research and monitoring

RiverWatch Institute of Alberta image

Suite 433, 17008 90 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T5T 1L6


Sagewood Communications Solutions Ltd.

An Alberta-based company, we help clients get the most out of their communications by offering tailored, cost-effective marketing and public relations services and solutions. With strong roots in and years of experience working with organizations in Alberta's food, agriculture, conservation & environment communities, we bring a unique perspective and understanding of the needs and expectations of clients in these industries. We deliver a wide yet complementary range of services including: strategic communications & marketing planning; public relations & promotions; website redevelopment; media relations; writing and editing; program evaluation development & management; workshop, meeting & discussion group facilitation.

Focus: public relations; marketing; communications; not for profit; agriculture; food; stewardship; conservation

Sagewood Communications Solutions Ltd. image

PO Box 3103
Leduc, Alberta T9E 6L8



Sasquatch and Partners

Sasquatch and Partners is an educational initiative working to promote responsible recreation along the eastern slopes of Alberta's Rocky Mountains. The counties of Clearwater, Yellowhead, Brazeau, Greenview and Mountain View use the phrase - Welcome to our backyard, please enjoy it with respect - as an expectation of residents and visitors to ensure continued enjoyment of these magnificent places for today and tomorrow.

Focus: Eastern slopes of the Rockies

4340 47 Avenue
PO Box 550
Rocky Mountain House, Alberta T4T 1A4



South East Alberta Watershed Alliance

The South East Alberta Watershed Alliance (SEAWA) is one of the eleven Watershed Planning and Advisory Councils (WPACs) in Alberta. SEAWA helps achieve Alberta's Water for Life goals which include:

  • Healthy aquatic ecosystems
  • Reliable, quality water supplies for a sustainable economy
  • Safe, secure drinking water.

SEAWA does this by: 1) Completing State of the Watershed Assessments and reporting 2) Planning related projects 3) Increasing literacy and providing education 4) Convene and collaborate with likeminded organizations and individuals.

Focus: Watershed and ecosystem health, education, collaboration

Services: Program development and delivery, Outreach and education, Funding

South East Alberta Watershed Alliance image

Rm 41 – 419 3rd Street SE
Medicine Hat, Alberta T1A 0G9


South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards

Community driven, non-profit organization working within the watershed to implement stewardship initiatives and activities that will protect the beauty, diversity and integrity of the watershed.

The SSRWSI was established in 2007 by the Saskatchewan government under the crown agency known then as the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority (now Saskatchewan Water Security Agency). The SSRWSI is a grassroots, community driven, non-profit organization working within the watershed to implement programs and initiatives that will protect the water resource. We work with individuals, groups and communities on stewardship activities that protect the watershed. The SSRWSI mandate is to protect and preserve the quality and quantity of surface water and groundwater within the South Saskatchewan River Watershed. SSRWSI activities are directed by a board of directors with members consisting of urban and rural municipalities within the watershed.

Focus: water, water quality, water quantity, watershed, river

Services: Outreach and education, program development and delivery

South Saskatchewan River Watershed Stewards image

402 3 Ave S
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan S7K 3G5


Southern Alberta Land Trust Society

SALTS works to protect water, wildlife and our western heritage in southern Alberta through education and the placing of conservation easements on ecologically important lands. It is the largest Alberta-based land trust and provides stewardship monitoring on over 11,400 acres of land with high biodiversity and watershed quality.

Focus: Southern Alberta

PO Box 45016
High River, Alberta T1V 1R7


Spitzee Riparian Stewardship Society

Riparian restoration and maintenance of properties along the Highwood River.

A group of dedicated volunteers along with direction from the Foothills Land Trust who are trying to conserve and protect the valuable riparian lands west of the Town of High River.

Focus: In collaboration with the County of Foothills volunteers aid to enact Foothills Land Trust ideals.

Services: Research and monitoring, Outreach and education

Box 5333
538037 56th St E
High River, Alberta T1V 1M5


Stewards of Albertas Protected Areas Association

SAPAA is a group of Volunteer Stewards who are appointed under the Alberta Government Volunteers Stewards Program to provide stewardship for a some of the nearly 500 Protected Areas in Alberta. SAPAA's objectives are: To provide a forum for Stewards to share information and provide assistance to Protected Areas; To promote the preservation, protection and restoration of ecological integrity in Alberta's Protected Areas; To promote the use of Protected Areas for non-intrusive educational, research and recreational activities; To ensure that Stewards' concerns are heard by government and by the public, particularly with regard to legislation and management policies for Protected Areas.

Edmonton, Alberta T5T 1E5

Stewardship Association of Municipalities

SAM (Stewardship Association of Municipalities) works with the Newfoundland and Labrador provincial Wildlife Division and approximately 40 municipalities across NL. Together we have created over 100 conservation areas that protect wildlife habitat. The focus on our work has been bird habitat because of our link to the EHJV (Eastern Habitat Joint Venture) program but our co-managed areas protect habitat for many species. We are also very involved in outreach and education related to wildlife habitat, wetlands, nature, and stewardship actions in these municipalities.

Focus: Newfoundland and Labrador

PO Box 20024, Mill Brook Mall
Corner Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador A2H 7J5


Stewardship Centre for British Columbia

Help British Columbians understand, enjoy, and sustain healthy ecosystems through stewardship.

Stewardship Centre for BC's mission is to strengthen ecological stewardship in British Columbia by providing educational, technical and capacity programs and resources to organizations, governments, the private sector and the general public through collaborative partnerships. Stewardship Centre's program areas include Green Shores, Wildlife and Species-at-risk (including projects on Cats and Birds, Stewardship Practices Guides, Green Bylaws Toolkit and other resources) and Strengthening Stewardship.

Focus: environmental stewardship, shoreline management, wildlife conservation

Services: Outreach and education, Project management, Program development and delivery, Research and monitoring

Stewardship Centre for British Columbia

1244 Burnage Road
North Vancouver, British Columbia V7R 1G7


Stream of Dreams Murals Society

Fish On Fences

Stream of Dreams Fish on Fences is a watershed education program for students k-12. The Fish on Fences program teaches entire schools and their communities about their local watershed, streams, rivers, and the ocean. We promote behavioural changes to conserve and protect water from pollution with a focus on littering and stormdrains. Each participant paints a wooden fish that is installed onto a chain link fence creating a beautiful work of art. ​

Focus: Watershed education / Community art

Services: Outreach and education

Stream of Dreams Murals Society image

6825 Cariboo Road
Burnaby, British Columbia V3N 4A3


Summer Village of Point Alison

Municipality on shores of Lake Wabamun.

Focus: Lake

Summer Village of Point Alison image

Box 221
Wabamun, Alberta T0E 2K0


Swim Drink Fish Canada (Lake Ontario Waterkeeper)

Swim Drink Fish Canada (formerly Lake Ontario Waterkeeper) is a Canadian charity working for a swimmable, drinkable, fishable world. Our dream is to create communities you can safely touch the water, where the water is pure enough for drinking, and where it is clean and wild enough to toss in a line and pull out a fish for your family. We work towards this dream by educating the public about the Great Lakes, connecting people to water using digital media, participating in formal decision-making processes, and conducting research in areas of science, law, policy, and culture.

Focus: Environment, Water, Great Lakes, Watersheds

600 Bay Street Unit #303
Toronto, Ontario M5V 1S4


Sylvan Lake Watershed Stewardship Society

The SLWSS represents members who expect that Sylvan Lake's many values will be protected. SLWSS members share these common goals of lake and watershed stewardship: Conserve and protect our popular recreational lake with its unique, high water quality; Prevent chronic blue-green algae blooms by monitoring plant nutrients in both tributary runoff and in the lake; Avoid invasive species by educating boaters about the threat to and consequences for the lake; Support abundant and diverse populations and habitat for waterfowl, wildlife and fish; Assure a safe and enjoyable lake environment for responsible recreation in all seasons; Maintain the natural beauty and appeal of the watershed and lake for the enjoyment of all Albertans.

Focus: Water quality; Environmental risk;

PO Box 9012
Sylvan Lake, Alberta T4S 1S6



TerraVie – Fonds Foncier communautaire – a été fondé le 7 mai 2003 dans la région des Laurentides et est un OSBL de bienfaisance et de conservation, reconnu en économie sociale. Il regroupe des résidents, des organismes communautaires et des individus désireux d’unir leurs efforts en vue de détenir des terrains, de les soustraire à la spéculation du marché et de favoriser l’aménagement de projets écologiques et de collectivités viables.

Focus: conservation

200, chemin Duncan Sud
Montcalm, Quebec J0T 2V0


The Nature Trust of British Columbia

The Nature Trust of British Columbia is a leading land conservation organization based in BC. We acquire ecologically significant land through purchase, donation, covenant and lease. Then we care for this land in order to protect the natural diversity of wildlife and plants, and their critical habitats. We are a non-profit, non-advocacy group that seeks a balance between sustaining our environment and sustaining our economy. Since 1971, The Nature Trust along with our partners has invested more than $95 million to secure over 70,000 hectares (175,000 acres) of land.

Focus: Grasslands, Watersheds, Estuaries, Lakes, Rivers, Riparian Areas, Forests, Land, Wildlife Habitat

500 - 888 Dunsmuir Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 3K4



The Pembina Institute

The Pembina Institute is a Canadian non-profit think tank that advances sustainable energy solutions through research, education, consulting and advocacy. We promote environmental, social and economic sustainability in the public interest by developing practical solutions for communities, individuals, governments and businesses. The Pembina Institute provides policy research leadership and education on climate change, energy issues, green economics, energy efficiency and conservation, renewable energy, and environmental governance.

Focus: climate change; green economics; oilsands; renewable energy; arctic energy solutions; British Columbia energy solutions; Ontario energy solutions

219 19th Street NW
Calgary, Alberta T2N 2H9



TLC The Land Conservancy of British Columbia

TLC, The Land Conservancy is a non-profit, charitable Land Trust working throughout British Columbia. TLC protects important habitat for plants, animals and natural communities as well as properties with historical, cultural, scientific, scenic or compatible recreational value. We hold over 230 conservation covenants, comprised of 5000 hectares, across BC which protect hundreds of plant and fauna life. Founded in 1997, TLC is membership-based and governed by an elected, volunteer Board of Directors. TLC relies on a strong membership and volunteer base to help maintain its operations. We achieve our conservation goals by working with many partners all levels of government, other agencies, businesses, community groups and individuals.

Focus: Covenants, Conservation, Conservancy, Nature Environment, Volunteer, Restoration, Land Acquistion, Speices at risk,

5150 Cordova Bay Road
Victoria, British Columbia V8Y 2K6



Trout Unlimited Canada

To conserve, protect and restore Canada’s freshwater ecosystems and their coldwater resources for current and future generations.

To conserve, protect and restore Canada’s freshwater ecosystems and their coldwater resources for current and future generations. All of the work Trout Unlimited Canada does is directed toward achieving this mission. Our work is guided by science and research and fueled by the unending passion of our volunteers and professional staff

Focus: Freshwater Restoration, Fish Habitat

Services: Research and monitoring, Program development and delivery, Project management, Planning, Outreach and education, Consulting

Trout Unlimited Canada image

6020 2 St SE B8
Calgary, Alberta T2H 2L8


Tsolum River Restoration Society

Stewards of the badly battered Tsolum River. Historical logging and an abandoned copper mine left the Tsolum one of the most endangered rivers in BC with acid mine drainage and unstable substrates. Our directors, members, volunteers and one staff have solved the Acid drainage and are now working on channel morphology and habitat, flows and riparian restoration. Public awareness and information sharing underpins our work.

Focus: Watershed Recovery, Habitat restoration, Bank stabilization, rainwater management, Watershed-based land use planning

PO Box 488
Merville, British Columbia V0R 2M0



Wabamun Watershed Management Council

The WWMC is a not-for-profit, registered society that represents a cross-section of Lake Wabmaun stakeholders who are committed to maintaining and improving the health of the lake and its watershed. The Council was formed in 2006 to address the concerns raised in Dr. David Schindler's (2004) report concerning the health and viability of Lake Wabamun.

Focus: Watersheds, watershed management, state of watershed, awareness, education, nutrient reduction, invasive weeds, stewardship, conservation, protection

Box 1005
Wabamun, Alberta T0E 2K0


Waterton Biosphere Reserve Association

The Waterton Biosphere Reserve Association focuses on linking biodiversity conservation to sustainable human use of resources in the Waterton Biosphere Reserve (WBR). Our vision: WBR is a special place where people work together to build resilient landscapes and communities, and where natural and cultural diversity are valued and sustained for current and future generations. Our mission: By working collaboratively with individuals, organizations, governments and others, the WBR strives to achieve a balance between conserving biological diversity, promoting sustainable use of resources, and building the capacity of local people and organizations to positively affect their communities and the environment.

Focus: coexistence; co-existence; large carnivores; carnivores; grizzly bear; black bear; wolf; cougar; northern leopard frog; species at risk; sustainable agriculture; sustainable communities; outdoor education; youth; stewardship; watershed; grazing; ranch; ra

PO Box 7
Pincher Creek, Alberta T0K 1W0


Weaselhead/Glenmore Park Preservation Society

The Society was set up to protect the Weaselhead - a natural area of 245ha at the head of Glenmore Reservoir in Calgary. The area consists of a willow-dominated delta, wetlands, riparian forest and tall shrub communities. The Society capitalises on the accessibility of this ecologically diverse area to advance one of its key objectives: education of the public in conservation and environmental protection. Each year ~4500 children and adults take part in its outdoor education programs, and volunteers spend ~1000 hours in stewardship activities.

Focus: Elbow River Watershed; Bow River Basin; Glemore Reservoir; The Weaselhead; Glenmore Park; Calgary

PO Box 36032 Lakeview PO
Calgary, Alberta T3E 7C6


West-Central Forage Association

West-Central Forage Association (WCFA) is a non-profit, agricultural organization based out of Entwistle, Alberta. Since 1978, WCFA has aimed to serve the needs of forage and livestock producers in the region by demonstrating new agricultural, technology, and production practices through extension activities, applied research, and knowledge sharing. WCFA, along with Yellowhead & Woodlands County form the Stewardship Alliance for Conservation Agriculture (SACA). The goal of this partnership is to assist the agricultural community to find practical, environmentally sustainable practices and raise awareness with workshops, information sessions, and demonstrations to aid in the adoption of BMPs.

Focus: Forage, Applied Research, Conservation Agriculture, Extension, Athabasca Watershed

Box 250
Sangudo, Alberta T0E 2A0


Wizard Lake Watershed and Lake Stewardship Association

The WLWLSA is a non profit society and a registered charity. Our mission is to work toward enhancing and protecting the sustainability and enjoyment of Wizard Lake for the benefit of all users and watershed inhabitants.

Focus: Wizard Lake Watershed

RR 4, Site 2, Box 50
Calmar, Alberta T0C 0V0


Working Well

Clean water, well protected.

The Working Well Program works to ensure safe and secure groundwater supplies for water well users in Alberta. Through the development of information resources and the delivery of community-based workshops Working Well aims to: 1. Build awareness by helping water well owners recognize that management of private wells is their responsibility, and to understand the potential impacts of human activities on groundwater, 2. Increase knowledge by helping well owners gain a basic understanding of groundwater science, how a water well works, and how a well should be managed, 3. Encourage practice change by helping well owners acquire the knowledge and skills to adopt recommended water well management practices.

Focus: watersheds, counties, municipal districts

Working Well image

4999 98 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta T6B 2X3